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Cataclysmalbound is a Homestuck fanventure hosted on It is written and illustrated by Cyan "E8luhs", self-described "feral internet wizard" who apparently has a corporeal form. The comic began on June 25th, 2017 and is currently ongoing with over 200 pages of content.

The fanventure follows the protagonist, Rivian Capulo, her group of friends, and the antagonist as they attempt to play a game similar to SBURB/SGRUB.

Care should be taken while reading the story if the reader is sensitive to themes of abuse.

Acts Edit

PROLOGUE (Started 06/25/17, ended 11/24/17)

ACT 1 - THE FOOL (Started 11/24/17, ongoing)

Characters Edit

There are six main characters in the comic, all of which are Homestuck trolls.

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